Fazekas Mihály Primary and Secondary Grammar School of Budapest

Budapesti Fazekas Mihály Gyakorló Általános Iskola és Gimnázium

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Budapest, Hun­gary

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Fazekas Mihá­ly Pri­ma­ry and Sec­ondary Gram­mar School of Budapest has a his­to­ry of more than 100 years. Found­ed in 1911, the school is locat­ed in the cen­ter of Budapest and ranks nation­al­ly at the top. The school’s three pri­ma­ry aims are to be a prac­tice school in spe­cial extracur­ric­u­lar math­e­mat­ics edu­ca­tion, train tal­ent­ed stu­dents with any finan­cial and cul­tur­al back­ground, and, with­in the frame­work of ped­a­gog­i­cal ser­vices, pro­vide method­olog­i­cal train­ing of teach­ers, tal­ent man­age­ment, and orga­ni­za­tion of com­pe­ti­tions. Sup­port­ed by coop­er­a­tions with schools abroad (e.g., Ger­many, Sin­ga­pore, Rus­sia) are extracur­ric­u­lar math­e­mat­ics projects and com­pe­ti­tions, among others.

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Dr. Zsolt Erős-Honti

Vice Prin­ci­pal and biol­o­gy teacher at Fazekas Mihá­ly Pri­ma­ry and Sec­ondary Gram­mar School of Budapest


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Mentee nom­i­nat­ing, men­tor nominating

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