Yiding Song

Joined Global Talent Mentoring in April 2021
Hong Kong
Computer and Information Sciences
Nominated by HKAGE
Specific Research Interest

Machine learn­ing | blockchain | NLP | RL

I love My STEMM Subject Because

I want to bet­ter under­stand intel­li­gence and our­selves, we should try to recre­ate it.

Activities and Recognition
  • MIT sum­mer pro­gram (2023)
  • Heli­um Prize in IoT Into the Wild Con­test (2022)
  • Ini­tia­tor of a project about low-resource neur­al machine trans­la­tion (since 2021) 
  • UKMT Maclau­rin Math­e­mat­i­cal Olympiad Distinction (????)

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