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The Hub, Issue No. 12, 18 July 2023
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Two Years Down the RoadNo Time to Look in the Rearview Mirror

Dear Partners and Friends of Global Talent Mentoring,

In April, Global Talent Mentoring celebrated two years of providing online mentoring to a remarkable group of mentees and mentors in 50 countries.

We had scant time to celebrate the milestone, however, because we are focused on one overarching goal: further expanding and optimizing Global Talent Mentoring to the benefit of those remarkable youths and young adults around the world who are absolutely determined to advance to the highest levels of talent development within their respective STEMM domains.

With this goal in mind, we want to highlight some of the program’s latest accomplishments. Among others, we
  • welcomed a new cohort of mentees and mentors from 17 countries into the program;
  • consulted with six leading international experts from STEMM fields and the science of mentoring on how to optimize the program; and
  • set up eight new institutional partnerships on four continents.
We invite you to take a moment to learn more about our latest developments in this newsletter.

If you like what you see and want to work with us on our goal of supporting the world’s most driven, remarkable young STEMM talents, we’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes,
Prof. Dr. Heidrun Stoeger
Chair Professor of School Research, Development, and Evaluation,
University of Regensburg
Prof. Dr. Dr. Albert Ziegler
Chair Professor of Educational Psychology and Research on Excellence,
Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Happy Second Birthday!

On 20 April 2021, Global Talent Mentoring went live. Over a hundred mentees and mentors commenced their mentoring journey as the first cohort in our online program. After more than three years of researching, planning, and programming, we set the wheels of a new program in motion on this day.
Celebrating this achievement today wouldn’t be possible without the advocacy of many people and organizations. We are appreciative of all the active support and professional assistance we have received from our partner organizations across the globe over the past years. Also, we are grateful to our amazing mentors for the time and expertise they have generously donated to our enthusiastic mentees and future STEMM leaders.
Finally, we want to highlight the unrelenting commitment of the program owner, the Hamdan Foundation, the program directors, and our team members. All these stakeholders have spared no effort to make Global Talent Mentoring a reality for a very special group of highly driven, hardworking youths and young adults in dozens of countries.

Welcoming Our New Cohort

We are pleased to announce that Global Talent Mentoring’s third cohort of mentors and mentees started their mentoring journey in May 2023. We received numerous amazing applications from students in STEMM from around the world who are burning to develop their already remarkable talents in their specific STEMM areas. The accepted mentees are being matched with mentors in their specialized areas of interest. Once matched, the mentees then begin their mentoring journeys with Global Talent Mentoring. This offering is possible thanks to the generosity of our volunteer mentors who donate their time and expertise to youths in the program. We warmly welcome the new mentors and mentees to our international community of STEMM experts and are eager to see how the next steps in their long-term talent development unfold. To read more about this topic, please visit the News page on our website.

Mentoring Towards Excellence in STEMM:

2023 International Expert Meeting

On 15–18 May 2023, Global Talent Mentoring held an international expert meeting focused on “The Transformative Power of Mentoring for Reaching Excellence in STEMM.”
During the four-day event held in Colorado Springs in the United States, program directors Prof. Dr. Heidrun Stoeger and Prof. Drs. Albert Ziegler welcomed six leading experts from the science of effective mentoring and selected STEMM fields. Each expert gave an excellent presentation about their research and engaged in discussions afterward.
The presentations and ensuing discussions yielded numerous insights for optimizing Global Talent Mentoring, mentoring for talent development more generally, and how best to support the STEMM talent development of outstanding, hardworking youths and young adults. To learn more about the attendees and their presentations, please visit the News page on our website.

Our Family is Growing!

Global Talent Mentoring is dedicated to expanding access to its one-of-a-kind talent development service. Since our last update, we have established collaborations with eight new partners on four continents. We’ll now introduce you to our latest partners, going from east to west around the globe:
  • In Japan, the Japanese National Committee of Global Talent Mentoring was founded to facilitate the expansion of Global Talent Mentoring in that country. The Japanese National Committee is chaired by STEM education expert Prof. Dr. Manabu Sumida from Ehime University and also includes as committee members renowned professors from the University of Tokyo, the University of the Ryukyus, and Keio University.
  • In South Korea, a collaboration with Seoul National University is up and running and has already provided access to Global Talent Mentoring to outstanding youths and young adults there.
  • In Hungary, the European Talent Center / Matehetsz has forged a new collaboration with Global Talent Mentoring that will allow us to serve more highly dedicated, outstanding youths and young adults there.
  • In Colombia, we recently set up innovative collaborations with two leading STEM organizations, the Colombian College of Neurosciences and the STEM Without Borders Foundation. Both organizations are helping us extend our service to worthy youths and young adults in that country and other countries in Latin America.
  • In the United States, we established two new partnerships. We are working with the UC Berkeley Academic Talent Development Program at the University of California, Berkeley, to serve more outstanding youths and young adults in the United States; and we are working with Agilent Technologies—a global leader in laboratory technologies for cutting-edge life science research—on connecting our program to more leading STEMM experts.
Prof. Dr. Frank C. Worrell (Distinguished Professor in the School of Education, University of California, Berkeley) and Prof. Dr. Heidrun Stoeger at UC Berkeley
  • Finally, in Canada, Prof. Dr. Owen Lo, a specialist in high-ability studies from the University of British Columbia, became our official coordinating partner in finding new participants from Western Canada.
Our growing network welcomes new partners from all over the world. If you would like to introduce us to an organization you think might be a good fit for Global Talent Mentoring, please contact us.
In the News

Mentee Stories

Mentee Story
Our mentees are doing amazing things. We want to inspire you with their activities, accomplishments, and successes in STEMM. To this end, we recently started a Mentee Story series on our social media channels. In the series, our mentees describe how they are using Global Talent Mentoring to further develop their special STEMM interest. They also talk about the projects they’ve accomplished with their mentors. So, take a moment to catch up with our amazing mentees by checking out their stories via our program accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Volunteer as a Mentor!

Global Talent Mentoring accepts new mentor volunteers year-round from all over the world. If you are a STEMM expert (PhD or equivalent R&D experience) and would like to mentor an exceptionally talented, highly motivated youth in STEMM, please fill out our Mentor Volunteer Form to register.
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